Let's Dance!

Have fun, socialize, and learn the easy way!

Learn from the Best!

All of our team members are experienced dance instructors, and they will help you feel right at home! 


We strive to make our classes, fun, exciting, and enjoyable!  And not only that but we have a solid system to help you learn quickly and in the most effective way possible. 

Progressive Teaching Style

We use a progressive system to teach our classes. It goes from beginner through advanced and each level builds on the previous one (kinda like in the martial arts system).  This system is great because you have a set class syllabus per level and you can actually measure your progress as you move up through the different class levels. 

This is a great and efficient way to learn.  Most dance classes out there don't have a progressive system of learning, and students usually end up disappointed since they are not able to learn as quickly or as easily.

Also, our classes are 90 minutes long which gives instructors a chance to break down moves in detail and students are able to absorb the material a lot better.  And in addition, students get 30 minutes of dancing right after class.  This is so that you have a chance to practice what you just learned in class and to help retain the material even better and you get to socialize with other students in class and start new friendships. 

How fast you learn depends on how much you practice, so we give you plenty of practice time.  A lot of dance schools out there do not provide this extra perk which is crucial to anyone learning to dance.